Video Library

Title Producer Target Audience Time (min)
10 Million Trees e Video Adult 4:30 min
Planting of the 10 millionth tree of the Texas Utilities Mining Co. Reclamation effort that began in 1975.
50th Anniversary of NFT USDA Forest Service 13 to Adult 7:40 min
USDA Forest Service
Air Tanker Attack USDA Forest Service Adult 25:00 min
Forest Service training film discussing implementa
Alliance for Wildlife National Parks and Conservation Association USDA Forest Service 13 to Adult 20:00 min
Program for preserving land and making forests saf
America's Forests: A History of Resiliency and Recovery U.S. Forest Service High School to Adult 23:00 min
Talks about early forest fires, early forest prese
Arenal Nature Episodes Middle & Senior High 15:00 min
Explain volcanic activity and natural regeneration
Bats of America Bat Conservation International 4th grade and up 15:00 min
Introduces the amazing diversity of America's bats
Best Management Practices Texas Forest Service, Texas Forestry Assoc., Texas Logging Council Adult 15:00 min
Training video to instruct logging and road contra
Best of Nature: The Great Yellowstone Fire Wolfgang Bayer Productions, Inc. 13 to Adult 53:00 min
Details the dramatic Yellowstone fire of 1988 and
Big Thicket of SE TX: A History 1800-1940 15 to Adult 1:5:00 min
Highlights history of the Big Thicket including pi
Bird Nesting Nature Episodes Primary and Intermediate 12:00 min
Bald Eagle, Eastern Bluebird and American Robin ne
Blacksmith, The Historic American Productions 5th grade and up 24:30 min
Ed Cotten, Huntington resident, shares his knowled
Born to the Wind Nature Episodes Middle & Senior High 21:00 min
Describes wild horse adaptations for survival nada
Camden Film Adult 30:00 min
Footage taken when Camden was changing from a comp
Circle of Life Temperate Forest Foundation High School to Adult 28:00 min
Documents consumer options when choosing product m
Citizens Protecting America's Parks National Parks and Conservation Association High School to Adult 13:16 min
Explores history of National Parks and the nationa
Continuing Forest in Texas,The Tucker Center College of Forestry at SFA High School to Adult 15:00 min
Describes how to manage a continuing forest. Highl
Continuing Forest, The 14 to Adult 29:00 min
Discusses multiple uses of our forests and the dif
Crew Boss USDA Forest Service Adult 35:00 min
Early 1960s fire training film that examines what
Cry in the Woods,A Johnson Associates,INC Jr High to High School 22:00 min
Discusses the impact of lumber mill closures on th
Culture Shock Boston University Preservation Studies Prog. Adult 23:22 min
Discusses fire protection for historical and cultu
Danger in the Wildland-Urban Interface Texas Forest Service Adult 18:00 min
Details ways to safeguard your home and property a
Dynamic Forest, The Temperate Forest Foundation Middle School audiences 15:00 min
Explains how forests work in space and time. Demon
Expressions in Wood Katia TV High School to Adult 57:00 min
Oakland Museum of California shares masterworks fr
Fifty Years With Smokey Bear High School to Adult 25:00 min
Details the history of Smokey Bear.
Fire 87 14 to Adult 15:00 min
Shows interviews with firefighters and discusses p
Fire in the Southland White Hawk Productions High School to Adult 18:10 min
Discusses the importance of fire in the southern e
Flag Nature Episodes Jr High to High School 15:30 min
Shows the New York state WHITE heard of deer and d
Forest Archetype: The Structure of Public Perception NFPA Adult 35:00 min
Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille's presentation on the pub
Forest Conference: Gavel to Gavel Part 1 American Forest and Paper Association Adult 1:58:35 min
Contains conference introductions by the President
Forest Conference: Gavel to Gavel Part 2 American Forest and Paper Association Adult 1:59:6 min
Contains conference introductions by the President
Forest Conference: Gavel to Gavel Part 3 American Forest and Paper Association Adult 2:25:8 min
Contains conference introductions by the President
Forest of Stone, A Nature Episodes High School to Adult 11:00 min
Explains the process which formed the hundreds of
Forest USA: Heritage for Our Children 10 to Adult 10:00 min
Explains the relationship between forests and man,
Foresters: Growing Forests for our Future Walkabout Productions, Inc. 11 to Adult 14:43 min
Describes the forestry profession and its many del
Forestry in America: An Intricate Balance Society of American Foresters High School to Adult 12:00 min
Provides insight on maintaining the balance betwee
Forestry in Louisiana Pinewoods Chapter of the LA Society of American Foresters 10 to Adult 1:31 min
Ten part series on forestry discussing insects & d
From Stump to Ship Adult 28:00 min
The best, most vivid and complete film record of t
Handling Pesticides Safely Adult 13:20 min
Discusses safe pesticide use in forestry applicati
Helicopter Logging: A Tool for Wise Forest Management. 12 to Adult 18:00 min
Details helicopter logging in the northwest and de
History of Wood Molding W&M 13 to Adult 12:00 min
Shows the history of wood molding with the use of
How Paper Recycling Works 13 to Adult 12:45 min
Discusses paper recycling programs and uses and ma
Icelandic Islands Nature Episodes Jr High to High School 15:00 min
Describes formation of north Atlantic islands and
Imagine the Possibilities-American Great Outdoors 13 to Adult 27:00 min
Scenes from Texas' Lyndon B. Johnson and Caddo Nat
Incident on the Chugah Alaska 13 to Adult 18:48 min
Footage taken during the Exxon Valdez cleanup in A
Intarsia Adult 1:30:00 min
Describes how to create inlaid woodworking. a fift
It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown Primary to Jr High 25:00 min
PeanutsĀ« characters learn about Arbor Day.
Jakes Passing on the Tradition Adult 11:00 min
Provides information about the National Wild Turke
Kipawa Canoe Nature Episodes 8 to High School 16:45 min
Describes how to look for, find and identify wildl
Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle Primary 7:00 min
An animated way to describe gun safety to children
Legend of the Piney Woods, The Paula Devereaux-Kurth 15 to Adult 29:00 min
Details the creation of a sculpture carved from bl
Loss Control For Professional Loggers Adult 22:00 min
Discusses safety management for professional logge
Lufkin Mill, The 12 to Adult 23:00 min
Details how paper is made.
Lumber Production Creative Educational Video Inc. High School to Adult 35:00 min
Tree processing is described from the harvest site
Lyndon Baines Johnson/Caddo N.G. 13 to Adult 7:00 min
Looks at grassland history and discusses National
Making it as a Logger Adult 23:00 min
Explaining how to start out in the logging busines
Making Tracks on your National Forest in Texas USDA Forest Service High School to Adult 7:00 min
Describes the wild turkeys in Texas, where they ca
Managing Our National Forests USDA Forest Service High School to Adult 28:00 min
Describes National Forests, their creation, their
Massasauga Rattler, The Nature Episodes Jr High to High School 15:00 min
Shows the methods used to monitor a small colony o
Materials and the Environment Temperate Forest Foundation Adult 15:00 min
Explains the global impacts of using wood vs. subs
Matter of Space, A 13 to Adult 12:32 min
Discusses space requirements of people and lifesty
Miracle Resource, The Temperate Forest Foundation Jr High 14:00 min
Discusses how wood is the miracle resource that wi
Mitzi A Da Si Nature Episodes Jr High to High School 15:30 min
Looks at Yellowstone National Park with emphasis o
Model for the Future,A U.S. Dept. of Agriculture High School to Adult 15:00 min
Caribbean rain forest in Puerto Rico demonstrates
Modern Papermaking The American Museum of Papermaking 9 to Adult 5:00 min
Overviews the papermaking process from planting th
National Forests & Grasslands in Texas America's Great Outdoors Videos, Inc. 13 to Adult 43:00 min
Tours the National Forests and Grasslands of Texas
Our Architectural Heritage Texas Historical Commission 13 to Adult 16:00 min
The Lower Rio Grande region is highlighted through
Paper Trail, The Institute of Paper Science 8 to Adult 3:24 min
Describes the history of paper making.
Paper: The Video Paper Express Elementary to Jr. High 11:55 min
Discusses aspects of paper in our lives. Includes
Passages 13 to Adult 29:30 min
Discusses the protection and relocation of wild tu
Planning Ahead for Prosperity American Cyamid Company Jr High to High School 5:00 min
Describes the testing of herbicides and how their
Preserving our Forests Treated Products Communications Council Jr High to High School 7:00 min
Explains the preservation of wood by creosote, wat
Producing Fuel & Pulp Wood Chips from Whole Trees 13 to Adult 24:00 min
Describes the techniques of producing fuel and pul
Progressive Forest, The: Champion in Texas Champion International Corp. High School to Adult 17:00 min
Using Champion Industries as an example clear cutt
Ranger's Letter 8 to Jr. High 13:00 min
Discusses a forest ranger's job.
Recycling Within Reach Cornell University Jr High to Adult 12:53 min
Discusses ways to help reduce waste products by sh
Recycling: Lost and Found The American Museum of Papermaking 10 to Adult 0:00 min
Discusses the process of recycling paper.
Red-Cockaded Woodpecker National Forest in Texas All ages 7:00 min
Discusses the endangerment of the Red-Cockaded Woo
Reforestation and the Cycle of Forest Renewal Washington State, Society of American Foresters 13 to Adult 17:53 min
Discusses artificial and natural regeneration and
Return of the Dragons Nature Episodes Jr High to High School 21:00 min
Explains the benefits and costs of developing Alli
Sacred Harp Symposium 1:37:00 min
Schedadxw - Salmon 13 to Adult 28:40 min
Discusses the life of salmon and how people help t
Sharing the Joy of Nature Joseph Cornell All ages 40:00 min
Shows a new way to appreciate nature & shows how t
Sheldon Today Champion International Jr High to Adult 13:14 min
Explains papermaking and other activities of the f
Sinopah Trail Nature Episodes Elementary to High School 14:30 min
Uses Walterton Lake as a way of teaching life zone
Smokey and His Friends Primary 11:51 min
Discusses the importance of our forests and conser
South: Wood Basket for the World, The 13 to Adult 8:00 min
Provides general information about the Southern fo
Standing Ground: People, Property, Power Farm Credit Property Rights Foundation High School to Adult 16:00 min
Shows interviews with property owners discussing n
Steam Whistles, Sawdust & Salt Air Georgia Pacific / USFS Jr High to High School 1:20:00 min
Shows 1920s footage of Oregon loggers and the mach
Story of Ketchikan Pulp Company, The Jr High To Adult 18:40 min
Shows timber operations providing year-round jobs
Story of Paper, The International Paper 13 to Adult 9:45 min
Shows to process of papermaking.
Swamp Dragon Nature Episodes Primary to Jr High 9:00 min
Describes the life history of alligators.
Texas Forestry Museum Orientation 10 to Adult 17:00 min
Provides an overview of forest history in Texas.
This Place in Time 13 to Adult 23:12 min
Uses photography to show Mount St. Helens before a
Timber on the Move: History of Log Moving Techniques 13 to Adult 34:00 min
Documents the development of log moving technology
Touch America 13 to Adult 12:00 min
Discusses ways of taking care of our land.
Touch of Elegance, A 13 to Adult 7:59 min
Illustrates the beauty, elegance, and usefulness o
Trees are the Answer Chambers Productions 12 to Adult 27:18 min
Describes a new way to view the forest industry an
Trees Are Treasure: Sustaining the Community Forest Maguire-Reeder Ltd. Adult 12:32 min
Discusses urban forests, tree ordinances, and citi
Two Sides of Fire Temperate Forest Foundation Jr High 15:00 min
Discusses the costs and benefits of fire and compa
Very Elementary Bats Bat Conservation International Primary 7:00 min
Discusses the basic concepts of bat biology and di
Visions of the Wild Adult 22:00 min
Discusses the preservation of wildlife.
Visit To St. Helens, A Nature Episodes Jr high to High School 20:30 min
Details some of the resources and biological recov
Western Logging - Then and Now Caterpiller Adult 6:00 min
Shows vintage footage of early logging operations.
When a Tree Falls Decade Films Adult 28:00 min
Discusses wood products, the protection of wetland
Whistle Punks and Sliver Pickers All ages 30:00 min
Describes big rigs, fast machines, their operators
Who Owns the Land Farm Credit Bank of Texas High School to Adult 27:00 min
Illustrates the negative impacts of the endangered
Wild Waters Jr High 14:40 min
Discusses the harmony, balance, and use of wild wa
Wilderness Idea, The High School to Adult 58:00 min
Details the lives of Gifford Pinchot and John Muir
Wildfire on the Payette NF Idaho Adult 10:00 min
Details the wildfire on the Payette National Fores
Wildflowers on Your National Forests and Grasslands in Texas National Forests and Grasslands in Texas Adult 7:30 min
Shows and describes Texas wildflowers and where an
Windrifters, The Nature Episodes Jr High to High School 20:30 min
Demonstrates Bald Eagle restoration efforts and di
Wood-Mizer (All products video) Adult 1:15:00 min
Demonstrates the history of Wood Mizer products an
Woodsmen & River Drivers University of Maine Adult 30:00 min
Demonstrates logging in Maine before 1930 through
Woodsy's Team Keeps Our Country Clean Primary 10:00 min
Woodsy Owl discusses litter and vandalism, as well
Woodworking Techniques Adult 28:00 min
Provides helpful hints on how to use common wood w
Yellowstone Fires Jr High to Adult 20:15 min
Describes the cause and effects of the 1988 Yellow