Texas Forestry Hall of Fame Nomination Procedures

The Texas Forestry Hall of Fame honors both deceased and living persons who made substantial and lasting contributions to forestry and forest conservation in the state.


To be eligible for consideration for recognition, the individual nominated must have been / be a member of the Texas forestry community who meets the following criteria:

A citizen who performed an outstanding act or whose dedicated service over an extended period resulted in major progress in forestry or forest conservation in Texas.

Screening Committee:

An independent screening committee, appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Texas Forestry Museum, shall review nominations and make recommendations to the Texas Forestry Museum Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is the final authority.

Selection of Candidates:

Any person, including a screening committee member, may nominate candidates. Nominations should include a statement describing the nominee’s accomplishments and a brief biography. If confirming documentation is available, it should be provided.

No more than three individuals may be honored in a single year.


Recognition will be by a captioned photograph with a brief listing of major accomplishments to be displayed in the Hall of Fame at the Texas Forestry Museum in Lufkin, Texas.

Nominee Information:


Provide biographical information about the nominee that, in your opinion, qualifies him/her for induction into the Texas Forestry Hall of Fame. Please note what you consider to be this person's primary area of accomplishment. Include accomplishments, awards and involvement in professional forestry organizations.

Family Information:



Nominated By: