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Company Name Years
C. Bender & Sons 1883 to 1919
C. E. Slade Logging Company tram road at Bunker Hill 1909
C. E. Slade Logging Company tram road at Camp Quigley 1905 to 1909
C. G. Barrett 1905 to 1907
Cameron Lumber Company 1898 to 1904
Camp Ruby Logging Front (W. T. Carter & Bro.)
Caro Northern Railway Company 1906
Carter Lumber Company tram road at Baber 1899 to 1917
Carter-Kelley Lumber Company tram road at Manning 1906 to ca. 1938
Cass Lumber Company tram road. 1904 to 1908
Central & Montgomery Railway Company 1877-
Central Coal & Coke Company 1888 to 1902
Charles L. Kelty tram road 1880s
Chester Lumber Company tram road 1928
Clevenger Lumber Company tram road 1902 to 1906 or 1907
Cody sawmill About 1910
Collwood Lumber Company tramroad ca. 1919 to no later than 1930
Commercial Lumber Company logging tram, later Patterson Miller Lumber Company. Early 1890s- 1907
Conroe, Byspot, and Northern Ca. 1900 to 1939
Coulson-Bradley Company
Cow Creek Tram & Railway Company ca. 1890 to 1954
Crow-Fountain Lumber Company tram road at Kountze 1928
Culbreath and Smith and Culbreath Logging Company Unknown
Cummings Export Company ca. 1900 to 1915