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Company Name Years
J. C. Hill Lumber Company
J. C. Matthews Unknnown
J. H. Chandler tram road at Conroe Unknown
J. J. Bonner Timber Co 1899 to 1900
J. L. Cravens tram road ca. 1930
J. L. Gowood
J. R. Harris and R. W. Henry ca. 1906to 1910
J. S. Hunt Lumber Company 1928
J. W. Ogburn Lumber Company tram road 1900s
Jasper & Eastern 1904
Jeanes tram road About 1915 to 1920
Jefferson & Northwestern Railway Company 1891 to 1942
Jefferson and Company Unknown
Jefferson and Company Unknown
Joseph Brooks tram road at Navasota
Josserand & Bros. 1882 to 1909
Josserand Brothers
Josserand Lumber Company ca. 1880, NLT 1889