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Company Name Years
R. C. Miller Lumber Company. Sold to Ohio-Texas Lumber Company. 1891 to at least 1910
R. E. Trabue tram road 1900 to 1904
R. G. and L. A. Moon [T. J. Hooks]
R. G. Andrews tram road at Winnsboro
R. G. Brown and J. J. Flewellen Lumber Company tram road 1890s to 1908
R. H. Lee tram road at Lola 1890s
R. Lummis Unknown
R. Myers Lumber Company tram road before 1929
Rice Lumber Company ca. 1882- 1906
Riverside & Gulf Railway 1907-1928
Robertson-Kurth Lumber Company tram road at Devers Around 1930
Rock Creek Lumber Company before 1940
Rockland, Jasper, & Northeastern Railway Company 1905
Rollo Brothers Lumber Company