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Code: 136
Corporate Name: E. E. Gilmore
Folk Name:
Ownership: Emmet Landry. E. E. Gilmore
Years of Operation: ca. 1900 to 1907
Track Type:
Standard Gauge Wooden Rails
Track Length: three miles
Locations Served: Landry Station Hardin
Counties of Operation:
Line Connections:
Track Information:
Tram Road Logging / Industrial Common Carrier Logging Camp
Equipment: Three miles under construction in 1906, with one locomotive.
History: The American Lumberman reported in the summer of 1899 that Emmet Landry was building a mill on Brake's Bayou. A couple of years later, he may have been building west of Beaumont along the trackage of the Beaumont, Sour Lake & Western. In 1906, Landry Lumber Company was noted, by the American Lumberman, to have three miles of tramway under construction and operating one locomotive. An article in the Beaumont Enterprise of May 1907 noted that the tram road was “short.” E. E. Gilmore had just shortly before bought the sawmill from Landry.