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Code: 167
Corporate Name: East Texas Transportation Company
Folk Name:
Ownership: Ed Rand and H. J. Allen. Grigsby Bros.
Years of Operation: Later 1880s to 1890s
Track Type:
Standard Gauge Wooden Rails
Track Length: Twenty
Locations Served: Atlanta (Cass)
Counties of Operation: Cass in Texas, Miller in Arkansas, and Caddo Parish LA
Line Connections: Texas & Pacific
Track Information:
Tram Road Logging / Industrial Common Carrier Logging Camp
Equipment: 1891: two locomotives and twenty miles of track 1890: eighteen miles of track
History: The East Texas Transportation Company owned by the Grigsby Brothers was a logging steam tram road with its headquarters at Atlanta, in Cass County, Texas. It ran about eighteen to twenty miles in length: from Atlanta to Queen City, then southeast into Miller County, Arkansas, and on to Caddo Parish, Louisiana. Frank Grigsby was a partner of Ab Scott and T. L. L. Temple, and this may be the joint tram operation to which John D. Hanes refers in his unpublished manuscript. It was sold in 1891 by the Grigsby Brothers to Ed Rand and H. J. Allen for $36,000. Ed Rand later owned Atlanta Lumber Company, which had been the Temple, Scott, and Grigsby milling operation during the latter 1880s and early 1890s.