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Code: 229
Corporate Name: Bradford-Hicks Lumber Company tram road
Folk Name:
Ownership: Bradford-Hicks Lumber Company
Years of Operation: 1909
Track Type:
Standard Gauge Wooden Rails
Track Length: Five
Locations Served: Dyersburg Harris
Counties of Operation: Harris
Line Connections:
Track Information:
Tram Road Logging / Industrial Common Carrier Logging Camp
Equipment: Keeling: five miles of tram road
History: The Southern Industrial and Lumber Review in March 1909 reported that the Bradford-Hicks Lumber Company was constructing a new mill on the Beaumont, Sour Lake and Western railroad. W. A. Field, of Vernon Lumber Company at Leesville, was in charge for building the 35,000-feets-capacity plant. A tram road was also being constructed. Keeling reports that Bradford-Hicks Lumber Company operated five miles of tram road from Mt. Holston.