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Code: 232
Corporate Name: Barrett & Cline Lumber Company
Folk Name:
Ownership: Barrett & Cline Lumber Company
Years of Operation: 1905 to 1919
Track Type:
Standard Gauge Wooden Rails
Track Length: Unknown
Locations Served: Phelps, Barrett's Switch Walker
Counties of Operation: Walker
Line Connections:
Track Information:
Tram Road Logging / Industrial Common Carrier Logging Camp
History: The American Lumberman reported that Barrett & Cline intended to construct a mill and tram roads on its property in Walker County. It was listed in a 1905 credit-rating journal. The Southern Industrial and Lumber Review reported that the daily cut in 1906 was 10,000 feet. It was listed in the 1907 Reference Book of the Lumbermen's Credit Association. The 1911 Texas Almanac Map of Railroads details that a switch of Barrett's is located in Walker County on the International & Great Northern.