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Code: 329
Corporate Name: Barnes Brothers tram road at Longview
Folk Name:
Ownership: Brad and Eli Barnes
Years of Operation: 1876 to 1878
Track Type:
Standard Gauge Wooden Rails
Track Length:
Locations Served: Longview Gregg
Counties of Operation:
Line Connections:
Track Information:
Tram Road Logging / Industrial Common Carrier Logging Camp
History: According to Gregg County records, Eli and B. Barnes bought pine timber and a right-of-way from Joseph Hall in Gregg County. They were soon reported in the records as "doing a general lumber business and particularly in Shingles, Pressed Flooring, Siding and Ceiling Business." In February, 1877, the brothers bought a Mogul locomotive, indicating they had a tram road. By the following year, Brad Barnes was involved with the Longview & Sabine Valley Railway Company; he mortgaged it along with ten miles of track to A. W. Morrison and G. B. Lipscomb. The Barnes Brothers storehouse was located at Longview. The Longview & Sabine Valley changed hands in 1886, when its railroad and property were deeded, on August 2, 1886, to the Galveston Sabine & St Louis Railway Company of Longview, which had been chartered earlier in December 1882.