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Code: 346
Corporate Name: Bermea Land & Lumber Company
Folk Name:
Ownership: Bermea Land & Lumber Company. Andrew Bermea.
Years of Operation: 1897 to 1900
Track Type:
Standard Gauge Wooden Rails
Track Length: 3 1/2
Locations Served: LaNana (Nacogdoches)
Counties of Operation: Nacogdoches
Line Connections: Houston East and West Texas at LaNana
Track Information:
Tram Road Logging / Industrial Common Carrier Logging Camp
Equipment: Small tram engine, log cars, and three and one-half miles of narrow gauge track
History: The Beaumont Journal in 1905 reported that W. G. Harrington was building a mill on the old site of the Bermea Land and Lumber Company at LaNana. According to the newspaper, the company had closed its mill at LaNana about 1897. Nacogdoches County records note that Andrew Bermea had a mill and tram at LaNana on the Houston East & West Texas. The sawmill was located on sixty acres of the Kirby Grant. Tram equipment consisted of three and a half miles of narrow-gauge rails, a small locomotive, and log cars. The Daily Sentinel reported on January 25, 1900, that the Deputy U. S. Marshall was looking into the affairs of the said company. In March, 1901, the local newspaper mentioned that A. Wettermark & Son had sued Bermea Land & Lumber Company for indebtedness. The complaint was dismissed at cost of plaintiff. A county deed of trust and a deed noted that Bermea Land and Lumber in January 1899 was purchasing more than 160 tons of steel rails for its tram road. The deed indicates that the unchartered, unincorporated tram road was named the East West Texas Railway Company.