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Alpha-Numeric Key: MA-49
Corporate Name: Lodwick Lumber Company
Local Name:
Owner Name: Lodwick Lumber Company of Shreveport. Bradford-Hicks Lumber Company. Grogan Lumber Company
Location: Lodwick, thirteen miles west of Jefferson
County: Marion
Years in Operation: 16 years
Start Year: 1900
End Year: 1915
Decades: 1900-1909,1910-1919
Period of Operation: Grogan, 1900; Bradford Hicks, 1903; Lodwick: 1905 to 1915.
Town: Lodwick
Company Town: 1
Peak Town Size: 1,000 in 1905
Mill Pond:
Type of Mill: Rough and finished yellow pine lumber
Sawmill Pine Sawmill Hardwood Sawmill Cypress Sawmill
Planer Planer Only Shingle Paper
Plywood Cotton Grist Unknown
Power Source: Steam
Horse Mule Oxen Water
Water Overshot Water Turbine Diesel Unknown
Pit Steam Steam Circular Steam Band
Gas Electricity Other
Maximum Capacity: 20000: 1905
Capacity Comments: Estimated at 20,000 feet daily
Rough Lumber Planed Lumber Crossties Timbers
Lathe Ceiling Unknown Beading
Flooring Paper Plywood Particle Board
Treated Other
Equipment: Sawmill and planing mill.
Company Tram:
Associated Railroads: Harleton: Marshall & East Texas (org. Texas Southern).
Historicial Development: The Gulf Coast Lumberman reported in 1954 that the Grogan family had built twenty miles west of Jefferson about 1900 and sold shortly thereafter to Lodwick Lumber Company. Earlier sources reveal that the mill was located about thirteen miles west of Jefferson. Lodwick Lumber Company operated, at times, under the name of Bradford-Hicks Lumber Company. It also owned the Kingston Lumber Company mill at Kingston, La. The Lodwick Lumber Company at Lodwick, Marion County, appeared in the January 1905 Reference Book of the Lumbermen's Credit Association and in a 1909 roster of the Lumbermen's Association of Texas. The company manufactured yellow pine lumber and operations included a planing mill. Lodwick began using a steam loader and new planer machines in 1912. The Marshall & East Texas Railroad dropped its spur to Lodwick in 1909, according to Zlatkovich, signaling the approaching end of the mill's cutting cycle. Modern-day Lodwick is located about five miles north of Harleton and just south of Lake of The Pines, in Marion County. The company did some of its logging on Big Cypress Bayou, according to Harrison County records, and arranged to have its pineries accessed by the company tram road. The Lodwick Lumber Company moved its offices from the mill site at Lodwick to the Continental Bank Building at Shreveport. The moved was dictated by the need of the sales office to be closer to “the pulse” of the market. It started new sawmills at Dyersdale (Dyersburg), Harris County, in 1915 and Hicksbaugh, Tyler County, in 1917.
Research Date: JKG 10-1-93, MCJ 05-04-96
Prepared By: J Gerland, M Johnson