Research: Sawmill Database

Alpha-Numeric Key: OR-21
Corporate Name: Lutcher & Moore Lumber Company
Local Name:
Owner Name: Lutcher & Moore Lumber Company
Location: Orange
County: Orange
Years in Operation: 7 years
Start Year: 1942
End Year: 1948
Decades: 1940-1949
Period of Operation: 1942 to at least 1948
Town: Orange
Company Town: 2
Peak Town Size: Unknown
Mill Pond:
Type of Mill: Planed lumber
Sawmill Pine Sawmill Hardwood Sawmill Cypress Sawmill
Planer Planer Only Shingle Paper
Plywood Cotton Grist Unknown
Power Source: Steam
Horse Mule Oxen Water
Water Overshot Water Turbine Diesel Unknown
Pit Steam Steam Circular Steam Band
Gas Electricity Other
Maximum Capacity: 10000: 1948
Capacity Comments: 1948: about 10,000 feet daily
Rough Lumber Planed Lumber Crossties Timbers
Lathe Ceiling Unknown Beading
Flooring Paper Plywood Particle Board
Treated Other
Equipment: Planing mill.
Company Tram:
Associated Railroads: Kansas City Southern
Historicial Development: Lutcher & Moore, having been out of the manufacturing side of the lumber industry since the beginning of the 1930s, operated a retail and wholesale distribution yard at Orange. The years of World War II encouraged them to manufacture rough lumber in small mills north of Orange; the mills were probably leased. Additionally, the company opened a planing operation, probably at the Orange distributing yard, where, by 1948, the mill produced between 150,000 to 200,000 feet monthly of finished lumber. The Gulf Coast Lumberman reported that officials were contemplating constructing a new Lutcher & Moore sawmill operation that would rival those of the glory days at the turn of the century. Lutcher & Moore “still owns a vast amount of second-growth timber-growing land in Texas and Louisiana both, and they plan to follow good forestry practices, selective logging, etc., and thus have indefinite supply of timber ahead.”
Research Date: MCJ 03-24-96
Prepared By: M Johnson